What is Student Assistance Program? (SAP)

The SAP program is designed to assist school staff in identifying issues including Behavioral Health needs and/or drug and alcohol issues which pose barriers to a student’s success.

The primary goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to help students overcome these barriers so they may achieve goals, remain in school and advance.

What does a SAP Liaison do?

WCSI SAP Liaisons can assist in multiple areas of need. They are the link between SAP Program, resources and casemanagement services. By providing a detailed assessment, the liaison can connect you with individualized services such as:

  • Behavioral Health needs
  • Medical and Physical health needs
  • Housing Utilities
  • Obtaining benefits from the Department of Human Services
  • Food Bank and Nutrition
  • Advocacy Services
  • Social Skills
  • Drug and Alcohol Referrals

The SAP Liaison can also link you to services for family support to assist in building stronger family relationships. Liaisons can connect you to a case manager who can make referrals to the appropriate community agencies and support as you navigate through Westmoreland County’s Behavioral Health services. The SAP Liaison is available for each school district to assist in finding the support you need to help your family.


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