Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC)

The Westmoreland County Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC) seeks to ensure that all children and families in need of Early Intervention (EI) services are identified and helped, while improving the delivery of such services. The community based LICC is a fundamental component in the implementation and success of Pennsylvania’s comprehensive EI system.

  • LICC gives families the opportunity to be involved in decisions that affect the programs in which their children participates
  • LICC provides program options and choices available to young children and families
  • LICC plans and supports educational programs for families and professionals
  • LICC plans and support recreational activities for families
  • LICC makes transitions smoother and easier for children and families
  • LICC provides a place and time for families and providers to meet, talk and form partnerships
  • LICC forms working committees to take on special projects
  • LICC can voice our local concerns regarding laws, policies and procedures to the state level decision makers (i.e., the PA ICC, the PA Department of Human Services and the PA Department of Education)
  • LICC facilitates coordination of services among providers
  • LICC hosts training sessions throughout the year that give families, professionals, and educators the opportunity to discover Best Practices in Early Intervention