Early Intervention Service Coordination serves as the point of entry into the Birth to Three Year Early Intervention Program in Westmoreland County. Parents, teachers, physicians, nurses, or other caregivers may contact the WCSI Early Intervention Department to make a referral for services in regards to a child with developmental concerns.

Referral and Intake

You may request an intake and evaluation for a child by:

  • Complete the Parent/Guardian Referral form by clicking here. Someone will make contact with you once they receive the completed form.
  • Contacting the WCSI Early Intervention Department by calling 724-837-1808

Required Information

Be prepared to provide the following initial information regarding the child for whom services are being requested:

  • Full name of the child and parents
  • Family’s current address and telephone number
  • Date of birth of the child
  • Reason for referral
  • Developmental concerns regarding the child

What Happens Next?

A Service Coordinator will meet with the parents to discuss the program, complete a developmental/medical history of the child and a family assessment. The Service Coordinator will arrange for a multidisciplinary team evaluation of the child with the parent’s participation. This team will consist of professional, licensed therapists who will determine if the child is eligible for the program and make recommendations regarding needed services. The Service Coordinator will guide the family through the entire process.

Learn more about the process on our Service Coordination page.