Once the child is determined eligible for Early Intervention (EI) services, the EI Service Coordinator will continue to assist the family in obtaining specific services that meet the developmental needs of the child. Continue reading below for details on services that may be available.

What Is The Role of The Service Coordinator?

The Early Intervention Service Coordinator is the link in assisting families in obtaining services. Some of these service coordinator activities may include:

  • Helping families identify and clarify their goals for their children
  • Assisting families in finding the resources, services and supports necessary to meet family goals
  • Linking families to all available services in their communities
  • Monitoring services and evaluating if they are meeting the family’s goals
  • Facilitating the transition process to the Department of Education preschool service for eligible children
  • Advocating on behalf of individual children and their families
  • Ensuring that all family rights and procedural safeguards are protected

What Types of EI Services are Available?

The services provided to children and their families differ based upon the individual needs of each child and the child’s family. The types of services the child may be enrolled in are:

  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Feeding programs
  • Hearing or vision therapy
  • Parent education
  • Developmental Special Instruction

Where Do Families Receive These Services?

Services are provided in the child’s natural environment. For example:

  • The child’s home
  • Childcare centers
  • Play groups
  • Other settings familiar to the family

What Will the Services Cost?

Services are provided at no cost to families.  It’s important that all children in Westmoreland County, regardless of income have the same opportunities to succeed.