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I have a very demanding schedule, he makes sure to remind me of upcoming appointment and always has the most pleasant vibe when he visits Zach.

Courtney is an active listener, gets involved with two way conversation and acts on my behalf on follow up issues.

We can always depend on Melanie to look into any problems or concerns we might have. She always follows up with results or suggestions. Melanie has been an asset to us since she became Greg's Supports Cord. Greg's comments were "he's happy she was able to get him in WCBA." Greg comment "He's happy she always checks to see how many hours he has for his community outings." This is very important to Greg. (Thanks Melanie)

Constantly asked if there's anything I need. He's concerned about me and my well-being.

She responds quickly. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find the answer and get back to me ASAP.

Casey has always been there in every way since Day 1! She finds answer and ways to utilize opportunities for the best service for my daughter. She is easy to talk to, professional and compassionate about helping.

She has helped through several crises times. Her knowledge of my son's history is quite an asset. She found a better placement for him. He loves her lunch visits. He knows her.

She is very knowledgeable about services and very positive/upbeat to talk to. She explains everything thoroughly.

She has assisted in getting my child a Tobi Dynavox that we have been asking for 10 years - SHE got it done! She is helping us get through Epileptic needs by guiding resources.

Coty is always available to listen to our concerns and follows through with our wishes. He has helped us tremendously and even though we are happy for him we are also sad to see him go. Coty was beyond replaceable. I have no needs for improvement. We just hope his replacement is just as wonderful.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Supports Coordination services at WCSI are designed to assist children and adults once determined eligible by locating, coordinating, and monitoring support services to help them reach their fullest potential and live a satisfying life.

For more information about our Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities programs or any of the services we offer, please visit our Contact Us page to set up an appointment online or find the phone number for a WCSI office near you!

Caring and Committed IDD Services

WCSI's Support Coordination Organization (SCO) is devoted to ensuring that our individuals are treated with the care, respect, and attention that they need and deserve.

In the last three years WCSI's Support Coordinators have averaged 99.3% overall positive satisfaction rating. This information was derived from the annual Consumer Satisfaction Surveys from 2018, 2019, and 2020. WCSI's SCO has been devoted to putting full effort toward our new hires so that our individuals receive the best support possible. We accomplish this by implementing a formal mentor program. Our mentors are seasoned SC's that apply for the positions and receive specialized training. They provide on the job shadowing training, tips on organizing their schedules, and ways to best document all appointments. The mentors are assigned to our new recruits for their first eight weeks of hire. Shadowing with mentors is mixed with face to face trainings and webinars from our agency and ODP

Our Support Coordination Organization has also focused on supporting individuals in new ways. We have implemented quarterly consumer driven activities and events. The events focus on relationship building and giving individuals ways to connect. WCSI CAFÉ (Conversations and Friendship Everyday) was developed by a team of Supervisors and Support Coordinators to enlighten the lives of our consumers with free activities and a chance to meet others and increase their own self confidence.

If you or anyone you know is in need of our services, please visit our Contact Us page to set up an appointment online or find the phone number of a WCSI office near you.


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