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WCSI employs a full-time Intellectual Disabilities Intake Specialist. This person will be your initial contact when registering for Intellectual Disabilities services, guiding you through the entire process. Please continue reading below for information regarding the ID intake process.

Intake and Registration

There are several ways you may register for Intellectual Disabilities (ID) services. These include:

  • Contact the WCSI ID Intake Specialist by calling 724-837-1808 or 1-800-353-6467.
  • Visit our Greensburg office located at 770 East Pittsburgh Street.
  • Register online at www.compass.state.pa.us.

Required Information

Be prepared to provide the following information regarding the individual for whom services are being requested:

  • Full name, current address and telephone number
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Health insurance information
  • Medical information
  • Educational information
  • Psychological evaluations
  • IQ testing

Documentation must include recent evaluations or assessments such as comprehensive evaluation reports, psychological evaluations from psychologist/psychiatrist that include IQ testing with diagnosis of intellectual disability prior to the age of 22. We can assist you with IQ testing, if necessary.

Don’t worry if these records are not conveniently available to you. We can obtain them after you sign the necessary release of information forms.

What Happens Next?

The ID Intake Specialist will review the information you supplied and a determination of eligibility will be made.

If the individual is determined to be eligible, you will be notified and assigned a Supports Coordinator. The Supports Coordinator will then become your primary contact person at WCSI and will be the person responsible for locating, coordinating and monitoring your services and supports.

If the individual is determined not eligible, the Intake Specialist will notify you and may refer you to other possible community resources.



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