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Wraparound services are individualized, community-based behavioral health services that focus on the needs of your child. The services are provided by trained staff working one-on-one with your child to teach the family and other natural supports new ways of dealing with behaviors that are keeping children from having success in coping with their feelings and relationships.

Wraparound is frequently prescribed as a team approach. A combination of BSC and TSS hours is most common. BSC and MT can be prescribed alone, but TSS must always be prescribed along with BSC to provide oversight. Please see a description of each wraparound team member below:

A BSC is a Behavioral Specialist Consultant.   The BSC is a Master’s level clinician. Their role is to write the treatment plan and work with the other team members to implement the interventions written into the plan. The BCS will conduct observations across all areas of your child’s life to aid in writing the treatment plan goals. BSC hours may also be prescribed for the purpose of completing a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA). For further information, please see FBA FAQ.

A TSS is a Therapeutic Staff Support. The TSS, with the guidance of the BSC, works directly with the natural supports to meet the goals written in the treatment plan by teaching techniques which target specific behaviors. The goal is for the skills to be transferred to the natural supports, such as parents and teachers, and eventually fade out the need for the TSS. TSS may work in the home, community and school settings.

An MT is a Mobile Therapist. The MT provides individual therapy to the child. Instead of a traditional office setting, the therapy occurs in the child’s natural setting in their home or other community.


CRR stands for Community Residential Rehabilitation for children. If this level of care is approved for your child, they will receive the services in a community-based home setting. The adults in the home have been trained in therapeutic strategies to address your child’s behavioral health concerns. In this environment, the child has the opportunity to achieve treatment goals within a family structure. Therapy sessions will occur with you and your child so your family can learn to cope with specific issues and transition your child back into their natural home setting.


RTF stands for Residential Treatment Facility. An RTF is an intensive, out of home treatment service. This level of care is for children who cannot be safely maintained in an outpatient or community-based setting. The child resides at a facility and receives 24-hour supervision. Individual, group and family therapy occurs along with medication monitoring to address behavioral treatment goals. Schooling is provided in either a supported public setting or on grounds during the child’s placement. The goal is for the child to return to their home once treatment is completed.


SSG stands for Social Skills Group, and is also called Site-Based Autism. These programs are designed to meet your child’s individual behavioral health needs and social skills deficits. The group setting gives your child the opportunity to practice social skills with their peers, such as communication and reading social cues. Hours of operation, program structure and targeted age groups vary by provider.


STAP stands for Summer Therapeutic Activities Program. These programs occur during the summer months only and are held at a site in the community. Each program targets a particular set of behavioral health issues and age range. The focus of STAP is to provide structure and treatment to children in need of support through the summer months. This is accomplished through activities which target certain coping skills.

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