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WCSI Position Title: TCM Team Lead
Position Classification: Caseworker 3
MCR Code: W3002
Department: Behavioral Health
Supervisor: TCM Supervisor
Position Status: Full-Time/Regular/Non-Exempt
Prepared Date: 05/25/2023

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This is a professional development opportunity for an employee demonstrating interest and skill in becoming a leader and provides a unique opportunity for qualified individuals. The unique characteristic of this position is that it will be designated as a TCM Team Lead that will provide for the case management needs of their individual caseload while providing support to the other TCMs on their designated team with a leadership mind set. Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a critical service that involves the primary functions of locating, coordinating, and monitoring needed services and supports for participants with an eligible mental health diagnosis with or without co-occurring drug and alcohol conditions, medical complexities, and developmental needs. This position’s duties and responsibilities directly align directly with the support needed to ensure the delivery of TCM services by the organization.

TCM is a non-exempt position where the essential job duties and responsibilities are to locate, coordinate and monitor services for consumers, to include incident management, service linkage, crisis intervention and consumer advocacy. The tasks are carried out within the principles and philosophy of person-centered care and self-determination, recovery principles, CSP and CASSP principles. The TCM is an interdisciplinary team member working with other stakeholders as identified by the client, including providers, human service agencies and community/natural supports. 

The TCM lead is expected to perform in accordance with the requirements of the TCM role and function with the assigned team per below:


·         Maintain a caseload of 1/2 of typical caseload size of a TCM.

·         Provide mentoring and process/resource expertise regarding TCM responsibilities.

·         Provide caseload coverage for TCM vacancies, planned/unplanned PTO and/or emergencies.

·         Maintain excellence in service and performance.

·         Complete and maintain all records and other relevant paperwork accurately and promptly.

·         Adhere to the philosophies of WCSI as it applies to quality assurance and compliance.

·         When necessary, may be asked to work on special projects directly related to enhancing/improving delivery of TCM services.   


Primary work hours will be Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with a 1/2-hour lunch (37.5 hrs/week) unless otherwise agreed upon or as necessary based upon needs, and as directed by the supervisor and manager.



As with all WCSI positions, it is the expectation that employees adhere to WCSI, County, State and Federal guidelines, regulation, policies, and laws which govern the business and service of WCSI.


This position requires the employee to perform their daily job duties and responsibilities in an unstructured work environment. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Include the following, (other duties may be assigned as deemed necessary by management):


With regard to the assigned caseload, the incumbent will perform routine TCM services, e.g., s/he will assess consumer needs, utilize standardized assessment tools, e.g. The environmental matrix and strength-based assessment, collateral interviews, and review of relevant clinical and social information; develop a service plan with short and long term goals; assess the client’s progress against those goals; collaborate and coordinate with other stakeholders as appropriate. Outcomes are directed towards reduced hospitalization, increased independent living, improved vocational/educational status and social supports. Outcomes are strengths-oriented, and all services are linked to an outcome.


The service plan must be completed and updated at least annually; more frequently if indicated by a change in need or status. Regular review of collateral information from other entities, including educational, clinical, and social service providers, is expected with updates and any indicated modifications to the service plan documented appropriately and as required. The Team Lead exemplifies excellence in performance of TCM responsibilities and serves as a mentor/coach for the rest of the assigned team.


Crisis Intervention Activities:
Participates in a rotating system to ensure that 24-hour crisis services are available for clients active in TCM. Responds to both face-to-face and telephone requests for intervention. Evaluates clients and works with Crisis Intervention services to arrange for urgent psychiatric care, if needed. Ensures that all alternatives to hospitalization have been explored.

Individual Service Plan:  
TCM develops, prepares, and implements a comprehensive Individual service plan which includes targeted outcomes based on consumer needs and desires, provider, and team input.


TCMs advocate for clients to ensure responsiveness from natural, community, generic, and specialized services. Advocacy includes providing information, removing barriers, and creating options for resolving problems.


The location, coordination, and monitoring of services provided by the TCM adhere to all applicable regulations and requirements. Will retain working knowledge of these requirements as governed by OMHSAS, the Office of Medical Assistance Programs, county, and payers. Such regulations are subject to continual updating and expected to be shared with the assigned team through verbal and/or written communication as directed by the Supervisor, Manager or Division Director.

Locating, Coordinating, and Monitoring:
Responsibilities include making necessary referrals for treatment services and/or other human services; monitoring the provision of these services and the overall health, safety, and satisfaction of the individuals served in a person-centered approach, employing CSP, CASSP and Recovery Principles. Services are delivered in the natural environment of the client served, and may include personal homes, community home settings, educational settings, community-based environments.


Record Keeping and Data Entry Management:
TCM requires the necessary computer skills in order to successfully navigate internal and external systems as required. Documentation must meet all applicable standards and expectations, be timely, and accurate.

Maintain records, document contacts with consumers, complete referrals and/or funding requests when funding need is identified; complete paperwork and other program related material in an efficient manner all as required for compliance regulations. It is expected that this position will consistently maintain service provisions in accordance with the department standard, as established by WCSI.


Service Provisions:

Maintain expected levels of service to clients, by producing units through documentation of case activities for billing purposes. Provide supervisor with bi-monthly billing/monitoring of units’ report. Consistently maintain service provisions in accordance with the department standard, as established by WCSI.


Professional/Technical Responsibilities:
The essential purpose of the lead is to support the team in daily operations which may include provision of first level problem solving, technical assistance with process or understanding policy, mentoring, and coaching. These responsibilities may be met through a combination of shadowing, case specific or team discussion, review of case distribution and coverage needs, etc. To provide ample opportunity to perform related duties, the incumbent is responsible to carry a designated caseload size while maintaining service provisions.  The role serves as the primary point of contact for peer consultation for other TCMs on the team; provide essential coverage and back up to the team if/when needed and works collaboratively with the team supervisor and manager ensuring standardization of expectations and communications and directions consistent with the expectations of the organization and all applicable rules, regulations, and policy.


Other Duties:

This position may be required to perform other duties, as may be assigned by a BH Supervisor or management staff within the department, division, and agency.

Supervisor Responsibility

This position does not have supervisory responsibilities and reports directly to an TCM Supervisor; it assumes a position of leadership responsibility and is required to identify and escalate situations and/or concerns that require the supervisor’s and/or manager’s attention. The Lead position will have the opportunity to identify area for further learning and improvement for staff.



Education and/or Experience:


Internal Candidate:

Preferred candidate presently employed at WCSI in the position of TCM and working in this role for a period of 18 months.


External Candidate:

Master’s Degree in social work, psychology, rehabilitation, activity therapies, counseling or education and 3 years mental health direct care experience or:

Bachelor’s Degree which includes or is supplemented by at least 12 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology, criminal justice, or other related social science AND three years of direct experience in behavioral health, of which two years must be experience working with or providing services to adult individuals with serious mental illness or to children with serious emotional disturbance or at risk for same. Experience as a case manager is preferred, but not required or:

Bachelor’s Degree in nursing and 3 years mental health direct care experience.

Language Skills:
Strong Interpersonal skills, effective oral and written communications skills. Ability to prepare clear and concise reports and documentation.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations:
Valid PA Driver’s License, Proof of Valid Auto Insurance, Act 34 (Criminal Record), and Act 33 (Child Abuse) and FBI Clearance. There will be monthly screenings of PA Medicheck List, LEIE and SAM.


As a requirement of employment, certain personal information (Birth Date, Driver’s License, Diplomas, Transcripts, etc.) can be shared in a confidential communication as related to regulations, licensure and/or insurance carrier contracts.


As with all WCSI positions, this position will adhere to all random drug screening requirements, as set forth by WCSI Policy.


Physical/Mental Demands:
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to operate a motor vehicle, sit, stand, walk, bend and lift objects of up to 10 pounds. The employee regularly uses a computer, phone, fax, copier and other essential office equipment to carry out daily work assignments.

Substantial problem solving in response to urgent/emergency situations, which may require immediate action. Ability to apply principles of leadership and management in daily practice.

Work Environment:
The services of this job are community based. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is exposed to a combination of office and outside/travel conditions and regularly exposed to moderate levels of noise. Exposure to outside weather conditions will exist.

The work environment for this position requires the employee to have the skills and ability to perform their daily job duties and responsibilities in an unstructured work environment.

Position Funding: 

This position’s funding is determined by WCSI’s allocation process. Incumbent in this position may be required to complete a WCSI Time Study, frequency determined by Fiscal Management, for purposes of this allocation process.



This position requires the availability and utilization of the employee’s personal vehicle, for purposes of transportation to and from work appointments. Transportation of clients in personal vehicles is not permitted, as agency vehicles are available for this purpose.



It is WCSI’s business philosophy and practice to provide reasonable accommodations, according to applicable state and federal laws, to all qualified individuals with disabilities.

This position description is not an employment agreement or contract, but rather a description of the expectations of job duties and responsibilities as assigned to this position. Management has the exclusive right to alter the scope of work within the framework of this position description and the position classification, at any time without prior notice.

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